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In a Nutshell

autoDNA is a large site providing car history reports and other VIN information. The platform checks millions of records and offers automotive industry information from the world's biggest suppliers of vehicle history. The company began its operation in 2010 and therefore claims to know exactly what car buyers really need. From the first look, the site looks very much responsive and informative. The menu bar includes such options like "Help center," "Vehicle history," "How to buy?", "Sample reports" and a section of reviews. All data can be received using only the VIN number of a car. One of the main benefits of using autoDNA is that it draws information about used cars from the U.S. and Europe, so the site can be used for checking cars from different markets. However, if the car was brought from Canada or US, autoDNA offers to buy AutoCheck report which has a full integration on their website. Overall, autoDNA can be accepted as a decent competitor next to the biggest VIN checking platforms.


  • Reasonable price
  • Responsive website
  • Reports contain only verified information from trusted sources


  • autoDNA often splits data into several paid reports based on the country from which the car was imported
  • Low market weight might lead to decreased confidence among individual car buyers or dealers
  • No alternative options for buying a bunch of reports

Database Model

autoDNA offers reports on vehicle history of any car registered in Europe or the USA. It can assist in disclosing data about a vehicle that may not even be known to its present owner. Data from autoDNA comes from trusted sources. They are working around the globe with formal public organizations. This guarantees the accuracy and up-to-date of their data. They use AutoCheck information for American accounts. That information comes from a vast array of sources. All things are inspected from dealerships and auction houses to state DMVs. So you understand that this is as factual as it can be.


  • Odometer measurements in chronological order
  • Damage history
  • Vehicle usage (formal use), description of the purpose of the car (e.g., taxi, leasing, including prior technical inspection and prior owners information)
  • History price displaying previous valuation on the website of the auction and by an investigation

Industrial Strength

Established in 2010, autoDNA has gained success in a few European countries and was considered to be a market leader for a long time. It is still well-known and has a significant market share in countries like Poland. However, due to various reasons, autoDNA hadn't become the "Carfax of Europe". Moreover, recently the platform faced with fierce competition from new and more innovative companies like carVertical, which bring a new approach to the user interface and the report generating technologies.


  • Vehicle information

The report involves general data about the vehicle: its engine, type of fuel and fuel consumption, etc. It also tells you about the size of the car and GCW (gross car weight). The vehicle's prices follow the technical requirements during the manufacturer's sale and the vehicle's present price proposed.

  • Vehicle history

It includes the history of damages, odometer readings, prices, vehicle usage, and information about technical inspections.

  • Database of stolen vehicles

In this part, the car you are checking is being reviewed as potentially stolen in specific countries. The database of stolen vehicles is constantly growing, but it mainly serves as a consultancy, which cannot be guaranteed at any level.

  • Manufacturer recalls

The information is presented about a particular problem that the vehicle might have faced. If the recall has been reported, this feature will show the issue and what potential fixes should be run in an authorized service.

  • Archived photos

Photos from the car's past (when available).

  • Last inquiries

The last enquiries feature will reveal the information of when, how often and from where the car has been checked last. This can show who was interested in the buying or inspecting the vehicle and when did that happen. Such information usually indicates that somebody was interested in purchasing a vehicle, but for some reason refused to finalize the deal.

  • Vehicle equipment

The system provides a full list of original equipment of the vehicle. This feature is useful in situations when some original car parts were replaced by cheaper parts. For example, if a car have previously had an accident, you can compare whether the headlights were replaced by original ones or taken from another vehicle. This feature also includes other parts of vehicle, such as chasis, A/C, navigation or audio system, mirrors, windows, airbags, radio, etc.

  • Title, theft, accidents, junk, salvage and insurance records (for the USA cars).

Pricing and Deals

  • Basic report: € 5,40
  • U.S. Vehicle Report: € 9
  • Estonian Vehicle Report: € 9,90
  • The Netherlands Vehicle Report: € 4,90
  • Belgian Vehicle Report: € 9
  • France Vehicle Report: € 9
  • U.S. and Canada Vehicle Report (AutoCheck): € 12,90

How do you compare autoDNA?

autoDNA usually receives reports from such sources as police reports indicating if a vehicle was in an accident. It also includes reports from body shops and can recognize a bodywork from an unreported accident. For any amount of purposes, bodywork can be performed on a vehicle, perhaps it was scratched on the driveway by the kid's motorcycle, or a tree dropped on the fender, or maybe the paint was starting to disappear. These are all factors why a vehicle may have visited a body or paint shop. From our experience, major competitors are more likely to report these events as harm than autoDNA. A decent used car specialist will often be a better judge as to whether or not the body and paint of a vehicle have been worked on than a history study, but from our perspective, autoDNA might not report minor incidents as often as other top car history platforms. Indeed, Carfax has lately added another category to attempt to fix this problem by reporting "minor harm" on some accounts rather than saying it was in an accident. Even so, our experience demonstrates that autoDNA tends to be more precise when reporting on crash history.

Customer Support

For inquiry and support, customers can send autoDNA a message using the contact form on their website. autoDNA is available from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Also available on Facebook where they have built quite a large community compared to some other similar VIN check service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is a report?
  • What kind of information I will get from report?
  • For which vehicles you can buy report?
  • How can I pay for a report?
  • How can I check vehicle history with autoDNA?
  • How long do I have to wait for my report?

autoDNA, in cooperation with AutoCheck, offers a car VIN check service based on Experian, which is an essential part of the U.S. used car shopping process. autoDNA partnership with AutoCheck collects data from tens of thousands of trusted sources including U.S. and Canadian Communication Offices (NMVTIS Information System), insurance firms, police agencies, fire brigades, car inspection stations, car auctions, and many others. autoDNA has more than 4 trillion records for more than half a billion cars. Each car background report includes essential mileage data, prior registrations, titles, or damages. Sometimes autoDNA reports may not include all the information about the background of the vehicle (service in unauthorized service points), but they are certainly a trustworthy data source. From our perspective, we recommend going deeper into their website to search and compare the information with other competitors. For individual car buyers, autoDNA can stand as useful, easy-accessible, and fast reporting decoder. However, since the service does not offer higher volume report packages, autoDNA might be not the best solution for used car dealers.

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