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Even if you are not a car dealer, vehicle insurance agent, or simply a car enthusiast, you must have heard the term “VIN number.” Whenever there is a talk about buying or selling vehicles, both new and used, the VIN number is mentioned. The VIN number stands for “Vehicle Identification Number,” and it is a unique 17-digit code which is given to a vehicle during production. The VIN number marks not only the model year, make and model but also engine choice, assembly plant, options, consecutive built number, and much more. The current 17-digit system is in use since 1981.

Why the VIN Number is essential:

Apart from adequately designating a production model and listing all its features, details, and options in one code, the real importance of VINs goes far beyond just that. Whether you are servicing your car, selling it, claiming insurance, reporting it stolen, or just ordering parts, VIN number is the only real relevant information you need. On the other hand, the VIN number is a perfect way of tracking the crucial moments in the vehicle`s life cycle. In modern dealership systems, service records contain the VIN number of a particular car and will show all the work done.

How to search VIN number records:

Before the internet revolution, researching VINs was a slow and painful process However, today VIN numbers search are done with just a few clicks and with fantastic accuracy. But, do not think that those free VIN decoders you find online will give you full information. Most of those sites will provide only information on make, model year, basic specifications, and engine options. The majority of those sites will not even offer optional extras, let alone details on servicing, mileage, or condition of the car itself. That is where paid sites like Carfax or carVertical come in. If you think of them as merely a VIN decoder sites, you are wrong, and those sites represent real-life companies who search thousands of dealership networks, local law enforcement databases, bank and insurance companies files, and much more, to provide you with most accurate and honest information.


The most popular and well-known VIN decoder out there is definitely the Carfax. It has been around well before the internet was a thing, and this company was established in 1984. The main focus of Carfax is to deliver you reliable information about mileage, maintenance, service records, accident reports, inspection and repairs, and so on. Another very important feature is that the Carfax will show you the exact number of previous owners, title transfers, and other legal aspects of car ownership.

The Carfax is based on over 100,000 sources in the United States as well as in Europe. The strength of this VIN decoder lies in the fact it is connected to various government agencies, dealer networks, rental and fleet car businesses, customer security organizations, government inspection stations, expanded warranty firms, insurance firms, fire and police departments, suppliers, inspection firms, service and repair centers, retailers and import/export companies. Of course, this system is not 100% reliable since there are ways to avoid being registered by Carfax sources.

Amongst the biggest Carfax downside is its price, and despite being one of the best VIN decoders on the market, it is also the most expensive. The single report from Carfax (report for one vehicle, one VIN number) is $39.99. If you are looking for multiple car deals, three reports will set you back $79.99 and ten reports, exactly $99.99. If you are in the market for a dependable used car, spending money on several Carfax reports could be a significant expense.


  • Dependable
  • Lots of sources
  • In business for decades


  • Expensive
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Slow
  • Covers only United States and some European Countries


The Carfax can be considered an “old-school” approach to VIN decoding, but carVertical represents the new way of researching used cars online. The car community first heard for carVertical back in the summer of 2018, and even though this service is still relatively young, their networks of sources, as well as the list of satisfied customers, are getting longer each day. The main difference between carVertical and Carfax and the rest of the field is in the technology behind it. The carVertical is the first blockchain-based VIN decoder, which ensures that the information is accurate, fast and cannot be tampered with. If you are looking for a dependable report, carVertical is the best out there.

As you expect, carVertial offers you a vast array of services starting from vehicle history reports, including title records, genuine mileage, accidents and damages, information whether the car has been stolen, and average market price. This feature is very useful if you are not sure whether the particular car is a good deal or not. A good thing to know is that carVertical`s growing network of sources is really global so, even if you live outside of the U.S. or Europe, you will still be able to find dependable results.

Since the level of information provided by carVertical is equally high as the Carfax, you might think that the price of this service is the same. However, carVertical is significantly less expensive and full, a single car (single VIN number) report is $14.99, which is a fraction of the cost of a Carfax report. If you are looking for multiple reports, carVertical offers various discounts and up to 50% of the second report.


  • Advanced technology
  • Cannot be tampered with
  • Affordable
  • Fast
  • Global service


  • New company
  • Comprehensive information for newer cars


Regardless of how much money you are willing to spend on a used car or if you are looking for a weekend cruiser or dependable daily commute vehicle, using one of these services is crucial. Of course, do not base your purchase solely on Carfax or carVertical reports, but they are great ways to start and see what vehicles are worth of your attention and investment.

If I have to choose one over the other, I will give advantage to carVertical since this concept is future, and soon, it would be the only way to do VIN number research. Thanks to the innovative principle behind the service, carVertical is a very safe and fast way to get all the need to know, including the average market price, which is very useful for novice car shoppers. Also, the price advantage is a strong point, especially if you are concern about the cost. So, even though Carfax might be better-known VIN decoder, carVertical is where the smart money is.

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