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In a Nutshell

AutoCheck is an automated vehicle history report system, which helps people to check and compare similar vehicles that they are considering to buy and choose the right one. AutoCheck debuted over 10 years ago and is able to list information of used cars from the United States and Canada.

AutoCheck Score is a scheme for reporting the history of a vehicle based on its VIN number. Through Experian, which is a credit card company, this rating is provided to assist clients in making better buying choices about vehicles and helping car dealers to explain car history to prospective consumers. Experian owns AutoCheck and has relationships with industry leaders including CarMax (distinct from Carfax), eBay Motors,,, and Kelley Blue Book. For comparable examples of the same car, age and mileage, this firm gives each vehicle a numerical score (comparable to a car credit score) within a range. 


  • More accessible than the leading competition
  • A long list of information collected from reliable sources in both the U.S. and Canada
  • Works closely with auctions to obtain better information on unreported car harm
  • Easy-to-use website and payment options


  • Does not always report maintenance done by a dealer
  • Offers fewer data sources than some top competitors

Database Model

Experian has a National Vehicle Database with vital information across the country on more than 500 million cars. This database is used by modeling and analytics professionals to produce an algorithmic score variety based on comparable model years and vehicle classes. Upon entering the VIN number in the database, real-time scoring will be used to determine the vehicle’s rating number.

The National Vehicle Database data calculate rating figures.


The National Vehicle Database utilizes data such as year of manufacturing, mileage, history of leases, history of accidents, and class of vehicles to achieve a score. Maintenance and service information for an automobile is not included in the database. AutoCheck focuses primarily on a vehicle’s historical data and not so much on its condition.

AutoCheck uses criteria such as the history of robbery, business use, and repossession statistics when determining the history of a vehicle.


AutoCheck rates the score of the car on the basis of a rating scale between 1 and 100. A reduced rating from the Experian does not necessarily imply a poor car. The best way to see if the vehicle is in good condition is to compare it with others that have comparable requirements.

Every time a report is requested, AutoCheck calculates the score from scratch. This is achieved in order to include the information lately made accessible in the scoring.

Industrial Strength

Industrial experts use AutoCheck to provide prospective clients with significant and useful data about the history of a vehicle, according to Experian. Auto dealers, leading U.S. auto auctions and pre-owned manufacturer-certified programs use AutoCheck commonly. Auto dealers depend on the Department of Motor Vehicles’ reliable data for storm-damaged vehicles, salvage yards, auctions, police accident reports, and FEMA when assessing the condition of a specific motor vehicle.


AutoCheck Protection offers a buyback clause intended to safeguard customers from unreported products of state titles. The Buyback Protection is automatically implemented each time when AutoCheck Assured Status report is processed on an automobile. This protection enables up to 110 percent refund at the moment of purchase from the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Used Car Guides retail car cost. This clause also enables accessories for up to $500 in the aftermarket.


AutoCheck provides information on each car, including details on title history, registration, utilization history, reported harm, odometer readings, rental history, robbery documents, accident reports, and gray market values.

  • AutoCheck tells you about Key information
  • Color changes
  • Exported
  • Imported
  • Number of previous owners
  • Outstanding finance
  • Plate changes
  • Recorded mileage
  • Reported stolen
  • Risk of third-party trace
  • Scrapped
  • Written off
  • Specification
  • Body type
  • Colour
  • Engine capacity
  • Fuel type
  • Make
  • Model
  • Number of gears
  • Transmission
  • Vehicle data
  • The annual road tax rate
  • CO2 emissions
  • Date first registered
  • Engine number
  • Environmental report details
  • If used before registered
  • VIN confirmation
  • Year of manufacture

Pricing and Deals

A single report cost $24.99 while 25 reports cost $49.99 and 300 reports cost $99 (FREE initial VIN check).

AutoCheck offers car buyers a number of positive features, such as whether or not the car is qualified for a buyback and if there are odometer report issues. It will also list if the title, along with significant accidents, has been recorded as saved or junked. This involves a complete history of accidents, including minor collisions and reports to insurance companies.

The unlimited reporting option is one advantage of AutoCheck; this is a very useful feature because you’ll be able to inspect several vehicles during the 21 days. This unlocks you the access to the continuous use of their services without paying for reporting after reporting. AutoCheck is part of Experian, one of the prominent providers of information on consumer lending in the country.

Their database contains data on some 500 million cars and the information is collected from the State Department of Motor Vehicle departments, salvage yards, recycling centers, and insurance companies. The firm also offers a car rating based on its mileage, history of accidents, harm if ever robbed or repossessed and other variables affecting its market value. This rating can make it simpler to determine whether it is worth the purchase price for a specific car and whether it will maintain its resale value over time.

How do you compare AutoCheck?

There are many car data companies next to AutoCheck: Carfax, carVertical, Vinaudit, Vincheckup, Instavin, Vinalert, Clearvin, Vininspect which you can review on our website. Most of them are subscription services and provide an in-depth look at the history of service records of a vehicle, prospective accidents, and records of emissions.

A study on car history also indicates rescue titles and other red flags for used cars, such as branded titles (also sometimes called rescue titles). AutoCheck stands as an affordable vehicle history reporting option. AutoCheck costs $25 for shoppers or retailers, who want to compare more vehicles at once and have several bundling alternatives. And for many customers, one significant plus is that AutoCheck does not automatically renew payments. After the first runs out, you will have to buy a fresh subscription to continue using AutoCheck. Also, when you buy a report, you don’t need to have a VIN number ready immediately.

You can purchase one or a couple ahead of the car dealer’s departure and then compare while shopping. Indeed, AutoCheck provides a more comprehensive report on crash history for most customers. AutoCheck operates closely with data auction sources, information about frame harm, and unreported accidents is obtained more often.

Customer Support

AutoCheck’s team is accessible from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST Monday through Friday. You can also submit an email for less pressing demands by using the contact form on the website for your choice. If you are a sort of DIY, there is also a ton of data about troubleshooting on the site, so dig in before you reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
  • How do I access my AutoCheck® vehicle history report?
  • Will my AutoCheck subscription automatically renew?
  • How do I sign into AutoCheck as a returning customer?
  • I subscribed to Multiple Reports but the site won’t let me access VINs that I’ve run before.

AutoCheck offers reports on car history, highlighted by the AutoCheck Score, fast, easy to read and to use. Based on a 100-point scale, this score demonstrates you how comparable car rates are, allowing you to price your inventory for better revenues and boost client trust. AutoCheck provides more in-depth data and quicker access. Problems that happened at any stage in the life of a vehicle, possibly when still owned by the dealer, are included in AutoCheck accounts, helping retailers prevent cars with issues and “surprise” repair bills, as well as making better valuation choices at both trading and auction.

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