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In a Nutshell

VinAudit, founded in 2012, is an official NMVTIS access provider and has constructed a solid automotive record database. The car history study by VinAudit includes main fields such as title documents, junk, salvage and insurance records, robbery records, lien, impound and NS export records, sales records, and title brands. Dealers can also see the vehicle's estimated market value and cost of ownership. provides consolidated car history reports from a vast network of the United States' trusted and authoritative sources. Since its technology is efficient, the cost of access to car information by consumers is a fraction of the price of competitor accounts. The Department of Justice (DOJ) authorizes VinAudit to provide customers with access to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) in accordance with federal law.

In addition to keeping an autonomous database with millions of fresh car documents added each month, VinAudit works as an official NMVTIS access provider using hundreds of thousands of them each year. VinAudit provides one of the most extensive controls at an inexpensive cost for critical problems with each report.


  • One of the most accessible vehicle history reports on the market
  • Allows consumers to get straight to the data source rather than acting as a middleman
  • Has bundle agreements for car dealerships to make it affordable to give clients free VinAudit reports
  • Services both Canada and the United States


  • Not as comprehensive as other competitors
  • Fewer sources that could lead to less accuracy

Database Model

All it takes is an easy VIN check to pull up an electronic report showing important NMVTIS indicators (title and brand checks, odometer measurements and previous damage checks) as well as open lien checks, previous sales listings, and theft documents. The study also provides on the vehicle market value, cost of ownership, and external funds. Overall, aside from autonomous vehicle inspection, the VinAudit vehicle history report serves as a useful reference to assist customers in making informed buying choices with confidence. VinAudit also provides dealer programs and bulk access for subscribers, subsidiaries, and resellers to its car information solutions.


VinAudit continually aggregates millions of vehicle-related documents from government agencies and industry partners each month as part of the history company of VinAudit. Based on this historical data, VinAudit has developed statistical models to predict the cost of each of the ownership cost categories shown to account for the real-time market value of the vehicle, the annual mileage of the vehicle (as configured), the state of the vehicle owner (also configurable), the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, the reliability of the vehicle, gas prices, labor costs and other factors. As with most projections, this model makes some assumptions that may not be true, and as extra real-world information accumulates in their database, VinAudit continues to enhance the model over time.

Industrial Strength

The government-run NMVTIS database is a repository of data gathered from state-owned car titling organizations, insurance companies, salvage and junkyards, and auto recyclers to avoid fraud and unsafe car reselling. VinAudit also partners with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) to provide one of the most extensive car history reports in the nation to customers and other interested parties.


The vehicle history report by VinAudit includes main fields such as title documents, junk, salvage, and insurance records, theft records, lien, impound, and NS export records, sales records, and title brands. Dealers can also see a vehicle's estimated market value and cost of ownership.

  • Vehicle requirements

Detailed car information & specifications can be decoded with the car identification number (VIN) provided. This information includes the effectiveness of performance & fuel, handling & braking, interior & aerodynamics, and measured car sizes.

  • Title records

The section shows title documents— a legal certificate confirming ownership of a car issued by government DMVs. Below you will discover the number of occasions this car has been registered and which countries are chronologically listed.

  • Junk/Salvage/Insurance Records

The section on junk, salvage and insurance lists cars that were either reported as a complete loss by an insurance company, vehicles registered with a junk/scrap yard, and vehicles sold at a salvage auction (to be possibly reconstructed and sold at retail outlets!).

  • Accident records

Vehicle crashes — both minor and major — are typically identified in instances where police reporting is associated with an accident. Note that like other suppliers of car history, VinAudit aggregates accidents from a mixture of police departments, government agencies and business sources and absence of a favorable match does not necessarily imply that the car has had an accident-free history.

  • Theft records

This section highlights any historical or active robbery and robbery recovery accounts using information from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and other sources of the sector. Beware buyer: those who are scammed to buy a stolen vehicle often lose both the cash and the vehicle if the police recover it.

  • Records for Lien/Impound/Export

This section shows documents for lien, impound, and export. Records of car links show that a financial institution may own this car. Impound documents indicate if any impound lots were carried to a car. Export documents indicate whether a vehicle has ever been exported outside the U.S.

  • Sale Records

This section presents historical records of this vehicle for sale, either by a private party or a car dealer. This can offer you an idea in some times of when the car was previously sold and the cost at which the car was given for sale.

  • Problem checks

This chapter lists checks against the title for all possible title products issued by government DMVs. A "branded" title— unlike a "clean" title — shows that a prospective vehicle-related problem has been permanently associated with the government.

  • Additional resources

This section includes extra vehicle-related information that may or may not relate to the history of the vehicle. This consists of the estimated market value of the vehicle, the estimated cost of ownership of the vehicle for 5 years (if purchased now), and recommended external resources to find out more.

Pricing and Deals

In comparison with the competition, VinAudit is one of the most inexpensive options. Consumers can pay $5 to see all the data on a vehicle's name instead of paying $35 per report; if a car has ever been marked as "junk," "salvage," or "flood," customers can see it instantly. They will also have access to readings of odometers. Dealers can pay for unlimited reports only $1 per report or a monthly fee of $20. This price system has made VinAudit a lot of retailers across the nation very interesting.

How do you compare VinAudit? is an inexpensive solution that provides immediate reports on the history of used cars. provides 60+ title checks across 28 million documents with authorized access to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. However, all that VinAudit can offer at the time are the title label data, accident documents, robbery data, sales documents, lien records, and latest odometer readings.

They have no sources of service records, nor a way of offering a few competitors have, such as information about the history of the car being rented, or the number of times the title has changed hands. While many consumers would be confident to buy a car knowing it has never been completed and the reading of the odometer is correct, many others would like to know as much as they can before buying it.

VinAudit serves both the United States and Canada. Their sources include the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, National Insurance Crime Bureau, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as well as many other government agencies and business sources. VinAudit cannot provide full data, as with all car history reporting services, because some accidents or service documents may not have been revealed to the proper channels.

Customer Support

The Vinaudit Customer Service Number: 1-800-480-4428 (Weekdays, 9 am – 5 pm PST).
Address Details: VINAUDIT.COM, INC. 218 Main St #688, Kirkland, WA 98033.
Technical Support:

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where does VinAudit’s data come from?
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  • Why can't I have a report from vehicles built before 1981?
  • How can I store or share my vehicle history report?

VinAudit appears to be an excellent option for consumers who want to make sure that a name is smooth and precise to the best of their understanding. It is inexpensive and dedicated to directly receiving data from the finest possible sources. While not offering the same additional data as larger organizations, they still give plenty to double check the tale of a dealer and make sure a vehicle checks out. Using their website is also profoundly simple, and getting a report very rapidly. Although they have fewer sources than, for example, Carfax, the sources they use are generally the most trustworthy, so the data is as accurate as carVertical or VinAudit might claim. If you buy a car from a dealer who doesn't offer a free Carfax report, VinAudit is a solid backup choice for those who don't want to pay elevated charges.

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