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In a Nutshell

EpicVin is a service provider that looks quite reliable and genuine from the first website visit. The platform validates written information and accounts, including model year, engine type, trim, make, model, manufacturing country, body style, and more.

EpicVin also provides review records for vehicles and extra facilities including a VIN decoder and recall test. Epicvin.com claims to deliver precise and thorough car information without overpriced reporting, which seems to be the main distinct characteristic making it a great cost-effective alternative. Just like many others, EpicVin uses the source of NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System), which has one of the largest databases in the U.S. While the autonomous database is packed with extensive car data, you will be provided with the most bound information. EpicVin induces small ventures, has ideal accounts on VIN past and is able to offer great delivery rates.


  • VIN barcodes can be scanned readily via an app
  • Appropriate for dealers and their clients
  • User-friendly and extremely efficient service
  • Good value for money


  • The page does not indicate their working hours as well as contact telephone number, which can lead to unpleasant communication restrictions for users
  • The amount of information provided on the website might get you lost
  • Live chat is actually offline

Database Model

EpicVIN's database includes billions of car record entries, such as crash details, title and product documents, mileage, and other data. The platform provides real-time checked information that is gathered depending on your VIN. As mentioned, the origin is NMVTIS, which is the biggest and most trusted database in the U. S. From here through EpicVin you get all the data about the used car you purchased or plan to purchase.


Simplicity. EpicVin is easy to start. You can fill out the small document and choose how to handle your deposit.

Speed. The software has developed a decent pace to generate reports. As soon as the system detects the payment, all reports are being processed within a minute allowing you to save a lot of time accessing your information.

More sales: EpicVin is a credible car background report company that allows quick and strong choices to be made by car shoppers. For the car dealers, this means converting more and more revenue. EpicVin creates an opportunity to take the lead of your excellent customer.

Industrial Strength

You can inspect a VIN number with EpicVin, and it will browse over 40 million car history documents. You will receive documents of salvage and complete loss reports with velocity and timely fashion to save your time. The site of EpicVin seemed quite responsive, so you can expect to receive all data with no delay. NMVTIS is developed to safeguard against fraud and hazardous cars from customers, dealers, salvage or junkyards. All cars they manage must be reported by DMVs.


  • DMV title data
  • Insurance total loss records
  • Junk and salvage events
  • Odometer information
  • Open lien status
  • Vehicle specifications

Pricing and Deals

EpicVin offers a range of packages varying from $8.99 to $86.34. You can select the most suitable one and save up to $57.50 if you’re going to run more checks. So the pricing of EpicVin is more targeted to dealers, but since the general pricing is quite low, individuals can also get their report at a low cost.

1 report - $8.99
4 reports - $25.17
16 reports - $86.34

Customer Support

EpicVin can be reached via their website by filling the contact form or by sending an email to info@epicvin.com. Customers can also chat with EpicVin through their Facebook page, where they are ranked 4.1 star out of 5.0 (59 votes) which is ok. However, their webpage does not indicate their working hours as well as contact telephone number, and that could easily lead to unpleasant communication restrictions for potential site users.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?
  • Where can I see how many free reports I have left?
  • Do I need to be a Dealer?
  • How can I order reports?
  • How long can I use the report?
  • Can I share, store and/or manage my Vehicle History Reports?
  • What is NMVTIS-compliant report?
  • Is there any difference between ordering reports with a Dealer Account and through the Homepage?

Hundreds of thousands of VIN car figures are robbed each year and recycled in an unlawful way for other cars. The EpicVin test can be one of the most important instruments that will enable you to verify whether your vehicle’s condition is as good as the vendors might say. If you don't want to be engaged in the danger, you should retrieve the key information before you make your decision. EpicVin helps to make better purchasing choices and could assist with road safety as well. However, there might be problems with EpicVin’s customer service, and that is the least you would expect from your VIN decoder service. Since the pricing of EpicVin is fairly low compared to other available car history checking platforms, we suggest to try out their service with a single report. We would not recommend starting with 4 or 16 report package as this might turn out to be quite risky.


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