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Are you looking for a new vehicle before the summer of 2020? There are millions of used vehicles on the market that are waiting for new owners. Opting for a used car is a great way to save some extra money and invest it or just let it sit in a savings account. Either way, you don’t have to go all in and buy an entirely new car when you can get a much better deal on a used GM vehicle. However, don’t forget to invest in a GM VIN number decoder before you make the purchase!

Why You Need a GM VIN Lookup

A GM truck VIN decoder is a convenient service that will help you determine whether the vehicle you’re interested in is worth the money. VIN decoder services provide car history reports that include crucial information about the vehicle in question. Some of the more advanced services such as Car Vertical Reports offer a variety of data including manufacturer details, common flaws with the specific model, and car damage history.

Top Five GM VIN Decoder Services

Most VIN decoders provide instant data reports. However, not all of them are worth your trust. There are plenty of free GM VIN lookup alternatives out there but their reports are not 100% reliable. Here are the five best GM VIN decoders in the industry that differ in pricing and report structure.

#1 CarVertical Report for GM

Our first option is the CarVertical history reporting service that is considered to be the #1 automotive data provider in the industry. CarVertical offers comprehensive reports not only about vehicle history but also about additional data such as hidden damage and theft records. This service collects archived photos of vehicles, which can help you determine the previous condition of the car you are interested in.

CarVertical has access to extensive databases with records of over 50 million used cars. No wonder why they’re trusted by over half a million users across 50 countries in the world. Each CarVertical report is simple and very easy to understand. The most crucial data is listed at the top of the report to emphasize the red flags tied to each vehicle. With such a detailed report, you can save thousands of dollars that you’d otherwise spend on unexpected costs and repairs.

What’s best about CarVertical is the fact that this company is based on the state-of-the-art blockchain technology. CarVertical’s data is situated on the blockchain, which means it is practically impossible to be faked or manipulated in any way. Therefore, everything you read on a CarVertical GM report is 100% trustworthy, including mileage data and the common faults of each vehicle model.When it comes to pricing, it is surprising that CarVertical is in fact more affordable than some of their competitors. A single CarVertical report goes for $14.99.

#2 AutoDNA for GM

AutoDNA is another affordable vehicle report service that provides data such as manufacturer’s info, vehicle history, odometer readings, damage, and repairs. This service has access to a large stolen vehicle database and it is most commonly used to determine whether a used vehicle was ever stolen before. AutoDNA gathers information from a variety of sources to put together comprehensive reports at an affordable price.

Each AutoDNA report has a comprehensive summary with the most important points about the vehicle, A single GM history report from this service can protect you from buying a faulty car without having to invest too much money. AutoDNA is one of the largest VIN decoder sites in the world, mostly because it is simple and easy to use.

The basic AutoDNA report costs a little over 5$. However, AutoDNA offers a variety of extra features that fall into different price plans with the maximum price of 15$.

#3 Carfax for GM

Carfax VIN report provider is another big name in the automotive industry with data collected from over 100 000 sources. Carfax currently counts over 20 billion records and meets the needs of a worldwide market. With that said, Carfax GM VIN reports are quite detailed and easy to understand. After all, this data provider has over 30 years of experience in the industry, which makes them one of our top five choices.

Carfax provides uniquely structured vehicle history reports that are instantly available online. All you have to do is select a price plan, make the purchase, and search the VIN code of your vehicle and you’ll be presented with a detailed and well-structured report. Their reports include everything from mileage to damage history, as well as data about the previous owners of the vehicle. The only downside is that Carfax seems a bit overpriced compared to the other services in the industry.

A single Carfax VIN report will cost you $39.99, whereas you can get six reports for $99.99.

#4 Autocheck GM Report

Autocheck GM data report provider allows users to find the data they need either by entering a VIN or by searching a US license plate. This is convenient solution in case you only have a license plate available. Autocheck allows you to check vehicle history and potential damage or theft reports within a few seconds. Their reports are quite detailed and include everything from accidents and repairs to potential flood damage and theft.

What’s interesting about AutoCheck is that their reports feature a unique scoring system. The service gives you an overall score for each vehicle, thus making it easier to compare several vehicles at once. Moreover, Autocheck is backed up by Experian, which means they provide benefits such as free Buyback Protection for qualified cars.

A single AutoCheck report will cost you $24.99.

#5 GM Report

Our last choice for the best GM VIN number decoder is, which provides exclusive reports along with access to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System or NMVTIS for short. Many large corporations and even governments trust and their services.

A single Vinaudit report includes a variety of detailed data such as title problem checks, prior damage, odometer reading, past sales, and active theft. VinAudit is the cheapest GM VIN provider that offers reports for as little as $1, or for a monthly fee of $20.

Sum it Up

Buying a used vehicle can be risky, especially if you don’t know the previous owner. A GM VIN number decoder will help clear your doubts and make a smarter purchase decision. Make sure to check out these VIN decoder providers and choose the one that fits your needs and budget the best!

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