Best Toyota VIN Decoders

Around 40 million used vehicles are sold in the United States each year. A large portion of these transactions is based on official data provided by VIN decoder services. If you’re about to purchase a used vehicle, consider using a VIN decoder to secure your investment.

Why Would Somebody Need a Toyota VIN Decoder?

Toyota vehicles are a very reliable option for daily driving. However, owners of used cars are not always completely honest about the car history and specifications. That’s why I would recommend you to use a Toyota VIN decoder to learn more about the vehicle before you make a purchase.

Any Japanese Toyota VIN decoder will help you look up the background of the vehicle, including data such as history, accident reports, repairs, true mileage, and previous ownership. Thanks to these services, you will get an insight into how the vehicle was treated by its previous owners.

I also recommend you to check the reports for any red flags such as multiple ownership changes, fake mileage data, critical car accidents and repairs. With this information at hand, you will be able to compare used vehicles and get the best value for your money.

CarVertical Report for Toyota

I’ll start off with what I believe is the best Toyota VIN decoder out there – CarVertical. This service is the world’s first car history registry that is completely based on blockchain. What this means is that all their reports are verified and cannot be changed or faked in any way, since blockchain adds an extra layer of security to the data.

Each of their Toyota reports is carefully checked by professional data scientists to ensure full accuracy and remove and duplicate information. The CarVertical system checks the vehicle against police records in multiple countries to make sure it is not stolen or wanted for any reason. The CarVertical report will also include the following:

  • Correct mileage information and proof that the odometer wasn’t tampered with.
  • Proof of vehicle damage and repairs.
  • Different checks including whether the vehicle was used as a taxi or abused in any way.
  • Comprehensive layout with a structure that is simple and easy to understand.

It is also important to mention that CarVertical provides its clients with a comprehensive checklist that will help you inspect the vehicle on your own. You can take a look at a sample report on their website to learn more about the layout of the information and all the data that will be included in your vehicle history report.

There is no doubt that you will get what you pay for at CarVertical, including verified and accurate data that’s clearly labelled and easy to understand. CarVertical provides full-scale vehicle reports with all the information you need organized in clear and comprehensive sections. They also provide archive photos of the vehicle so you can get a better insight into the car’s previous condition. On top of all the great features, this service is also a lot more affordable than some of its competitors at the price of 14.99$ per report.

AutoDNA for Toyota

AutoDNA is another great Toyota pickup VIN decoder on the more affordable side. A basic report by AutoDNA will cost you a little over 5.5$. However, the service offers multiple price plan with the maximum price of 14 dollars. Their Toyota reports are based on a wide database with millions of records. After all, AutoDNA has been one of the largest reporters in the industry since 2010.

Their responsive and very intuitive website will make it quite easy for you to obtain a report. Moreover, it is important to mention that AutoDNA provides reports only for vehicles registered in Europe or the United States. Their reports will include basic data such as damage history, odometer readings, titles, and ownerships.

Carfax for Toyota

Carfax is a well-known vehicle report provider that’s been present in the industry since the 1980s. This is one of the most expensive vehicle report providers out there with the price of 39.99$ per a single report. You can also get three reports for 59.99$ or six reports for 99.99$. The reason why this service is so expensive is because their reports are extremely detailed and professionally organized.

Carfax also offers detailed data including maintenance dates and records, which is something that most other services don’t provide. However, if you’re tight on budget and you want to compare multiple vehicles, you might want to look for a cheaper alternative. For those who are looking for guaranteed quality, Carfax is the way to go.

AutoCheck Toyota Report

Another Toyota VIN decoder worth considering is AutoCheck. I must address that AutoCheck is owned by Experian, an organization that has many ties and relationships with the leaders of the automotive industry. This gives their service greater access to vehicle records and databases. AutoCheck provides very detailed vehicle reports, even though they’re not the most comprehensive out there. However, their access to auction data from two of the largest US auctions provides plenty of vehicle history information that’s verified and fully reliable.

Unlike most other services, AutoCheck has an interesting system where they assign each vehicle a numerical score, thus allowing you to compare your vehicle to a range of similar vehicle types with the same age and mileage. With AutoCheck, you can see how the vehicle you’re interested in ranks compared to the same vehicles on the market. AutoCheck is also cheaper than Carfax, although still more expensive than CarVertical at the price of 24.99$ per report. You can also get 300 vehicle reports for a membership of 99.99$. Toyota Report

Last but not least, VinAudit is another solid automotive record database founded back in 2012. They offer extremely cheap reports at the price of 1$ per report or a monthly fee of 20$. However, keep in mind that a cheaper service is not always the best option. VinAudit does allow customers to get straight to the data source without a middleman, which makes it so cheap.

However, their reports are often less accurate and far less comprehensive compared to the competitors. Despite their low cost and poor accuracy in some cases, VinAudit pulls their data from the NMVTIS, meaning not all of their reports are useless. At such a low cost, you won’t lose much with this VIN decoder. VinAudit also offers bundle agreements for car dealerships, which makes them a good choice for businesses.


Now that you have a better insight into some of the most popular Toyota VIN decoders, choose the one that best fits your needs. If you don’t mind spending a bit more money, consider investing into detailed Carfax reports.

However, I still believe CarVertical is the best alternative because their data is verified and secured on the blockchain, meaning their vehicle history reports are fully reliable. Their affordable price is just a bonus once you consider the benefits of getting tamper-proof reports with detailed information from trustworthy sources. Let us know which Toyota VIN decoder you choose and why!

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