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Carfax ( is the official Carfax website and the only legal source for authentic Carfax Vehicle History Reports. The company claims its reports are available for all used cars imported from the U.S. and Canada manufactured after 1981. Carfax U.S. began with a mission to be the leading car history data source for buyers and used car vendors. Today, Carfax has one of the most extensive car history databases in North America, with thousands of retailers subscribed for information exchange with Carfax and over 20,000 data sources.

In 2008, Carfax also set its foot in Europe for the first time, providing access to Carfax vehicle history for Europeans wishing to import a used vehicle from the U.S. In the following years, the service has expanded to a few European countries, for example, Sweden, Spain or the Netherlands. Carfax was built to help used vehicle shoppers to make better buying choices and prevent expensive hidden issues. Carfax is the neutral partner of private and public sector customers, retailers, and partners – with the vision to change the used vehicle industry for the better.


  • Offers a wide range of detailed car reports
  • Has one of the largest cross-border vehicle history databases
  • Allows to access early bid rates for a limited time
  • Helps to improve the used car market


  • Not all car damages or accidents may be included in the report
  • Service history may not be full
  • Does not show how well the vehicle was kept

Database Model

According to Carfax, it receives information from over 100,000 distinct sources including all U.S. and Canadian provincial motor car agencies, as well as numerous police and fire agencies, collision repair services, car auctions, and more. The Carfax database is claimed to be as one of the most extensive with over 22 billion documents. Records included in each Carfax Report show significant data about the history of a car, such as reading an odometer, the existence of a branded name such as a salvage/junk title, or previous fleet vehicle registration.

A Carfax report may not include any event in the history of a car but will include information for a particular car identity number (VIN) that is reported to Carfax. We suggest that you obtain a Carfax report, take a test drive, and have the vehicle inspected by a skilled mechanic before you purchase a used car.


A Carfax report is a reasonably excellent starting point for purchasing a used vehicle because it gives preliminary data, such as whether the vehicle you are watching was in a crash. It should also inform you if any reminder has been resolved or remains open. Before you pay a few thousand dollars for what might turn out to be a potential nightmare, a Carfax report can provide the information below.

Industrial Strength

Carfax claims to have access to twenty billion documents from over 100,000 sources, including departments for motor vehicles for all 50 U.S. states and all 10 provinces across Canada. Information sources for the company include U.S. State registration and registration documents, auto and rescue auctions, Canadian motor car records, rental and fleet car businesses, customer security organizations, government inspection stations, expanded warranty firms, insurance firms, fire and police departments, suppliers, inspection firms, service and repair centres, retailers and import/export companies.

Carfax only lists data reported to them, and customers should not consider this report as a full history of accidents. Not all accidents are recorded, and Carfax utilizes the statement "no accidents were reported to Carfax.". When checking out a used vehicle, consumers should not depend on Carfax alone. While Carfax continually expands its database and resources, it is not permitted to provide some data.

Under the United States of America 1994 Drivers Privacy Protection Act, private data such as present or former owners' names, telephone numbers and addresses are not gathered or disclosed. Carfax has no access to all facilities, and sometimes errors are made by those who input information. Carfax allows consumers and dealerships to add information to its reports in the event that data are disputed but cannot be checked.


Carfax has helped millions of used car shoppers to make better buy choices and prevent costly hidden issues for more than 30 years. Furthermore, Carfax has helped used vehicle dealers around the globe to create confidence with their clients and sell their American cars confidently. Carfax says it has constructed up its database with more than 14 billion documents with the assistance of its partners and sources, including public offices, law enforcement organizations, service and repair stores, vehicle dealerships, insurance companies, and much more.


Here are some highlights of the type of data you'll find on a Carfax report:

Title Information. You can find out if the vehicle has a junk, flood, branded title or rescue title or if it has ever been used as part of a business fleet. This gives insight into how the car has been used (and potentially abused), helping to shed light on what you can expect from it in the future. After all, even if there is no structural harm, learning about any wear and tear that might have taken its toll on the many parts of the vehicle is wise.

Odometer Readings. Carfax also offers odometer readings certified by TIMA (Truth in Mileage Act). This data allows you to proceed confidently, knowing that the odometer has not been adapted fraudulently.

Lemons and Buybacks. Carfax reports also demonstrate lemon titles and buybacks from manufacturers in the United States, helping you prevent cars that have been difficult in the past. They also show where the vehicle was initially recorded and used, providing you with a clearer understanding of the circumstances to which it was subjected.

Carfax Ownership. Transfers accounts also detail any property transfers. After all, if there were a lot of owners of the car, there is likely a reason. If the vehicle has a lien against it, it will be recognized by your Carfax report so that you do not accidentally buy a property that owing to exceptional debt does not technically belong to the vendor. Carfax also lets you know whether or not the car was robbed.

Inspections and repairs. Information on when and where a vehicle was inspected can also be found, including whether it passed safety and emission inspections or failed. You can also learn about any records of maintenance, repairs, or other histories of service. If the car has a continuous history of needing repairs, looking elsewhere may be prudent. Carfax also gives you real-time information if a vehicle has been fully repaired after an event, (i. e. damage) or is it still under inspection.

Accidents. Furthermore, Carfax is ensured to have data about serious accidents, and Carfax provides the biggest publicly available database of minor accident reports that may not be reported elsewhere. That said, it is not guaranteed that lower crashes will appear on Carfax reports. Some accidents are simply not recorded, and others may be reported to organizations that do not supply information to Carfax.

Pricing and Deals

Carfax is a well-known car history reporting supplier, dating back to the early 1980s when it faxed the reports to its clients. It's one of the most costly, though.

A single report from Carfax costs $39.99. Three will cost you 79.99 dollars, and five will sell for 99.99 dollars.

We discovered Carfax to be one of the most detailed and user-friendly. If a car has various owners, in separate parts, it is obviously marked and structured. Carfax also shows maintenance dates and documents, provided the vehicle has been taken to a repair plant that shares its information, which generally implies a department of franchised dealerships. This data can be used as a guide to what the car may have had problems. It is also an indication that the car was taken excellent care of by a previous proprietor.

How do you compare Carfax?

Carfax is the more costly alternative. For contrast, there are VIN report providers that cost $14.99 or less for one report, so the choice is yours. If you're planning to cast a wide net and compare many comparable cars, Carfax maybe not the best of choices for you. However, if you just want to know in-depth information about a particular vehicle, the additional characteristics and Carfax data may be worth spending a little extra. While they cost more, reports from Carfax tend to be extremely comprehensive yet simpler to comprehend, making them more user-friendly. Data such as mileage and a vehicle's number of owners are obviously marked and neatly structured into parts.

Customer Support

Do you have a query for Carfax, the internet company providing data on car history? Carfax answers questions about customer service by email and chatting online. A link can be found on the website of the company:

Carfax offers email and real-time assistance to clients via live chat. In the order they are given, customer inquiries are discussed. Consumers wishing to correct inaccurate reports from Carfax about their vehicles must submit a form. Any supporting information can be faxed to Carfax at 866-728-6455.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does CARFAX do to protect my information?
  • What payment types are available?
  • Why can't I get a CARFAX-report for the VIN I have entered?

Condition and security are significant variables to consider when shopping for a used vehicle. Carfax Vehicle History Reports can assist in making car buying choices that are better used. Carfax Reports provide a comprehensive history of almost any vehicle. The study will inform you about the title, ownership, and mileage history of a car, yet may also include indicators of accidents, service records, etc.

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