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In a Nutshell

VinCheckUp Vehicle History reports consist of various parts and contain a large quantity of data about any post-1982 car sold. In addition to car accident history and salvage & total loss occurrences recorded by all insurance firms in all 50 US states, their accounts can provide you with comprehensive car requirements. VinCheckUp also provides Title History information that will enable you to uncover the title brand, the dates the car was purchased and recorded, as well as any outstanding and previous liens placed against the car.

Vehicle history reports may also include prior maintenance and service records, ranging from past tow occurrences to significant recalls and service on the car. To screen various cars, you can use the VinCheckUp service. This method will assist you with the decision-making process for your car purchase and will help you purchase the right car for you. Do not make the expensive error of buying the issue of another person; make sure you run a complete vehicle history report first.


  • VinCheckup is very simple to use, so it takes little time to get the car data you need
  • During our tests, search findings testified to the high quality and highly reliable data
  • Among all our tested vehicle history report platforms, VinCheckup was one of the fastest


  • Reports from VinCheckUp may not replace a real vehicle inspection.
  • Has fewer data sources than major competitors
  • The data acquired using searches may not always be precise and up-to-date.

Database Model

You need to know the history of a few cars when you want to purchase a used car. VinCheckUp almost guarantees to provide an in-depth, comprehensive report that can provide certainty. Generated from the decoder's national database in real time, the reports are accessible on all vehicles, trucks, vans, RVs, and motorcycles brands and designs. provides extensive, real-time Federal Gov't Title & Total Loss information and more to customers at an inexpensive cost. Use sophisticated instruments to access the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTS) as well as extra-record sources to verify the vehicle title history, including the odometer read(s) recorded. You can also determine if the car used was ever junked, rescued, or flooded.


Accident history: you can see the number of reported crashes along with the dates of the accident and the possible severity of car harm.

Title check: for more than 60 different kinds of title products, you can check present and historical title documents.

Problem checklist: VinCheckUp reports include potential issues, from Salvage / Reconstructed Vehicle to Lemon Check and more.

Service history: access to potential dealer maintenance and suggested service records from the manufacturer.

Industrial Strength

VinCheckUp car data is collected from multiple sources (government & proprietary), but most of the documents and information are gathered from NMVTS. When collecting the data, VinCheckUp pays for each record, but since it purchases information in bulk, VinCheckUp can transfer savings to its subscribers by providing decreased cost reports and membership options.


  • Branded Title History Impound and Towing Events
  • Lemon Check
  • Lien & Repossession Records
  • Mileage Rollback
  • Previous Accidents
  • Records of Taxi or Police Use
  • Reported Odometer Readings
  • Sale Records
  • Salvage & Reconstruction
  • Theft & Recovery
  • Vehicle Specifications

Pricing and Deals

1 full vehicle history report - $14.95, 1 report, valid for 60 days. 5 full vehicle history reports - $39.95, 5 reports, valid for 60 days. 10 full vehicle history reports - $49.95, 10 reports + 1.

VinCheckUp offers a variety of low-priced reporting accesses that will provide you with the exclusive complete car data history that contains data such as: Title State, Event Dates, Types of Events/Brands, Current and Historical Millage, Theft Check, Theft Recovery Check, Possible Bank Lien, Sale Dates, Seller States, Sale Menus, Mileage at the moment of sale, Number of VinCheckUp data.

Customer Support

If you are not happy with VinCheckU services, you can contact one of their customer support officials who will work hard to solve your problem.

VinCheckUp is open on weekends from 9 am to 11 pm and 5 pm to 11 pm EST. Their vacation hours may differ.

Refunds are treated on a case-by-case basis with their ultimate objective to ensure that their service satisfies you.

So if they cannot accomplish that objective for any reason by offering you with top-notch support and free specialist search aid, they will reimburse your payment. Please notice that the policy of refund is restricted to eight weeks. After the 8-week period, VinCheckUp will not be prepared to issue a refund, so if you have any problems with their service, it is essential that you contact them within 8 weeks of your original buy date.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does your vehicle data come from?
  • What is the NMVTIS?
  • What types of vehicles do history reports cover?
  • What happens if I don't find what I am searching for?
  • What is the price for the report, and what does it include?
  • How do I access reports I have already purchased?

There's a reason why VinCheckup made it to the top of the list of publishers. The two variables VinCheckup highlights are reliability and precision. The record type could be any, VinCheckup strives to offer you with all the comprehensive and updated data you can count on.

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