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In a Nutshell

VinInspect began its activity in 2015 with a goal to expand the car history checking service industry without exaggerated pricing. The main focus was to offer a competitive alternative service to the two leading companies at that time. While others were increasing their pricing, VinInspect entered the market with a whole new attitude. On top of that, VinInspect claims to be a perfect tool for both individual buyers and dealers offering a rare auto auction information. This may include photos and details that were available to the public on the auction website when the vehicle was being sold there.

In addition, among its complementary services, the platform offers vehicle inspection reports and free vehicle recall checks. Vehicle history reports comprise title and brand information (provided by the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) as well as lien and theft information (provided by other sources).


  • Offers auto auction information with free pictures when available
  • Fast and timely lien data for millions of used vehicles
  • Informative website
  • Pre-purchase car inspection service within the USA
  • Specialized customer service and support for car dealers


  • Fewer information sources might lead to less accuracy
  • Fully online-based service offering no possibility to make phone contact for site users

Database Model

While obtaining the vehicle history reports from the NMVTIS, VinInspect also uses an alternative source to collect lien data. By using NMVTIS, VinInspectTM gains access to one of the largest sources of data for used vehicles which gathers information from salvage auctions, towing companies, junkyards and insurance companies. Because the government is mandating many different industry groups and business types to report vehicle information to NMVTIS, it is growing exponentially. VinInspect’s team tailors each report individually by using the newest and updated data.


  • Accident Reports
  • Auction data with photo
  • Incredible Value
  • Lien Checks
  • Odometer Checks
  • Single Report
  • Theft Records
  • Title Records


You'll receive crucial facts about the car you're looking to buy with a VinInspect vehicle history report that will help you make a smart decision, including:

  • Title history
  • Car accident history
  • Odometer readings
  • Insurance records

Pricing and Deals

VinInspectTM offers two ways to order their service. The first is for those who wish to generate a full report of a car. The price of such report variates between $8.99 and $86.34 depending on the selected package. The other way to order their service is by choosing an auto auction history report, which includes the main auto auction information. This can be purchased for $4.99-$52.39.

Full report:
• 1 full report - $8.99
• 4 full reports - $25.17
• 16 full reports - $86.34

Auto auction history report:
• 1 full report - $4.99
• 4 full reports - $20.44
• 16 full reports - $52.39

Ordering auction record accounts is a simple, quick and affordable route to learn about the car as much as feasible. This study not only involves records but also images from multiple US auto auctions.
However, VinInspect can provide you with more detailed vehicle information (maintenance history, vehicle owners, total loss history, and much more useful facts to provide insight into the vehicle's condition).

For dealers

VinInspect carried out a program for car dealers, including a number of advantages. There are numerous discounts and great delivery included in the program. Dealers can create the most of private VIN decoding, discounts on other VinInspect facilities, links to their ancient record reports and VIN documents of all types. They can also receive a better customer service and support.

Industrial Strength

VinInspect selected the NMVTIS as the primary source instrument, as it provides them with a database of dozens of millions of used cars, that is not only frequently revised but well-known for its precision. Simultaneously, VinInspect has created a partnership with other sources that offer quick and timely lien information for millions of used cars.

How do you compare VinInspect?

Over the years, on their individual reports and subscriptions, industry leaders have gradually risen their rates, presently close to $50 for a single vehicle check and higher for various car or subscription accounts. They add some usefulness to its high price, but these add-ons might not worth the cost for some people. VinInspect has adopted a distinct attitude to ring a different tone in the sector. They can offer vehicle inspections for reasonable charges, and they do so without influencing the report's value or validity. This is mostly due to how VinInspect provides its data.

Customer Support

VinInspect can be contacted via their website by filling the contact form or by sending an email to

Customers can also reach VinInspect via Skype:

However, we are not so sure about the response rate. VinInspect can be found on Facebook where they received a ranking of 3.7 out of 5.0, which we think is average. The only downside of their customer support is that they do not provide their contact phone number nor indicate working hours, which suggests that their service is completely online. Sadly, this can cause some issues in urgent communication cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I contact VinInspect’s customer service?

VinInspect provides potential vehicle owners with the assistance of VIN (vehicle identification number) to learn almost all necessary vehicle information. VinInspect has an extensive VIN foundation for bikes, vehicles, and trucks. The information is collected in the United States from credible car data outlets. The VinInspect records help obtain responses to the issues if the car has been engaged in an incident, was it ever robbed, does the odometer have precise information and several other customer-sensitive issues.

In our humble opinion, VinInspect is worth the look, so we would recommend to give it a shot. Their competitive pricing, fast reporting, intuitive website, easy registration process, auto auction information, and a different approach might be just what you are looking for. On the other hand, limited information sources and online-based service could leave the question marks and a sense of wondering, whether VinInspect could be the best car decoder in the market.

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