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IN A NUTSHELL is a Chezch-based car history service known as Cebia. This vehicle history report provider has been around since 1991, which is more than enough time for companies like this to establish good connections in the region.

Cebia provides services both to buyers and sellers of used vehicles, which helps with the safe purchase or selling of used vehicles. Sellers have a special option to invest in Cebia report certificate to assure the credibility of the cars they sell. With headquarters in Prague, Cebia has spread its influence across the Chezch Republic throughout the years. They’ve been one of the most popular local market leaders in vehicle history reports based on VIN.


  • Adaptive price options for different available packages of the report
  • Suitable for car buyers and sellers


  • The main focus on the Chezch Republic and Slovakia only
  • Car history report is not available in English
  • More on a pricey side than most competitors in the market


Cebia uses the Autotracer system to check vehicles against fraudulent activities and provide basic vehicle model data. Besides that, Cebia has a rich database, which includes more than 1 billion records on the history of vehicles. This is a result of cooperation with time tested sources like vehicle manufacturers, vehicle dealers and importers, repair services, insurance, and leasing. However, Cebia report is mostly oriented toward vehicles based in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, since most of their data records come from local providers.


What will include your “Minimum” Cebia report:

  • Vehicle identification - brand and model of the vehicle;
  • Historical records - if a vehicle has been advertised in the past, cebia report will include advertising documentation;
  • Theft and lease records in theCzech Republic and Slovakia;
  • Condition of the vehicle -equipment list provided by the manufacturer, vehicle security checks, car identification instructions, as well as discount coupons on vehicle security and physical checks from Cebia partners
  • Valuation of the vehicle (online function) -“Minimum”report includes special valuation of the vehicle. Special sections let you evaluate a vehicle based on entered mileage and first registration date of the car.

More expensive option of the report is offered automatically by the system if Cebia is able to provide more data. It includes minimum report records listed above and additional information like:

  • Detailed vehicle basics - such as the brand and model of the vehicle, year of production along with the fuel type and engine capacity, color changes, and other features;
  • Detailed historical records - registration and mileage data, damage records including evaluated damages, damage place and repair costs, and other records from vehicle historical documentation


The price for a Cebia report is adaptive and varies on data they are able to provide, so you can see different price options after entering the VIN number.

  • Minimum report - 199 CZK (it’s around €7.30 or $7.80)
  • Fuller report - 499 CZK (it’s around €18.50 or $19.70)
  • Deal for a 2 reports - 749 CZK (it’s around €27 or $29)
  • Deal for a 3 reports - 990 CZK (it’s around €36 or $39)

Don’t forget - “minimum report” will basically include VIN decoder information only, it means you won’t get mileage records and other more detailed historical records which are the most useful. In this case, the price of the report indicates its quality.


Cebia is one of the best options if you are looking for a car registered and maintained in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. It will provide you a rich history of vehicles from these local markets better than similar competitors in the market. Compared with other car history reports providers, Cebia reports of these two countries origin vehicles contain more mileage, loan and other historical records than other providers in the market.

Price of Cebia reports is more costly than compared to competitors. However, Cebia definitely gives you value for money - you will get the best price and quality option of vehicle history report they can offer you.


Any issue or question regarding Cebia’s services can be discussed with customer support. Cebia's customer support team is accessible in three possible ways:

Unfortunately, this car history report provider does not offer live chat help for their customers, so if you have an urgent issue, you should try to contact them by phone.

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