How to check genuine car mileage online?


While buying a used car can save you a fair amount of money, it’s a risky thing to do and can also cause you a whole lot of problems. That, of course, would happen only if you are not buying responsibly and not paying enough attention to details. Before anything else, it’s essential to know whether the mileage of a car you’re about to buy is genuine.

There is a traditional way to check it by inspecting the car inside and out. Although the mileage usually reveals the actual state of a car, in some cases odometer readings can mislead the buyer. According to statistics, up to 30% of sellers clock the vehicle to make it look less used and thus illegally increase its price.

First of all, check the overall looks of the car; is wear and tear greatly visible? Checking whether the gear knob, steering wheel, and floor mats look newer than the vehicle can help you make the first impression that does or maybe does not involve suspicions. Next thing to do is to check whether the numbers on the odometer line up correctly. Also, look if there are any missing screws near or on the dashboard. Don’t make a final decision without asking the seller to show you the maintenance receipts and the original title.

That’s one of the methods to check the mileage but its not the easiest neither most accurate one as there are also ways to do that online.

The Government website

Governments of various countries have made mileage history open data. For instance, the UK Government has launched a website, where you can check odometer readings as well as the MoT of any car. All you need to do is enter the registration number and wait for the results to appear. It provides the dates of previous MoT tests and all the detailed information about the results; it shows the mileage seen on the odometer at the time the car was tested and reveals whether the car actually past the test. If it were ever a case of that car failing the MoT, the site would also show the reasons for that. It allows you to see the mileage intervals between the car check-ups, which will make it easier to find out anything the seller may not be telling you. A good thing to know is that this website is entirely free to use.

VIN decoders

The Government website does give you some relevant information; however, the best method to check the real mileage of a car is a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) decoder. Many websites are offering this service, so it won’t be challenging to find one for yourself. Compare them on our site to pick the one that suits best for you.

Provide them with the VIN, and you will obtain a full vehicle history report, which will not only tell the real mileage of a car at different periods of time but will also show the average mileage of such models. The history will have all of the accidents the car has experienced, the countries it has been registered in and even the archive photos if there are any available.

In conclusion, avoid jumping into the decision to buy a pre-owned car before you are sure what exactly you’re buying. Do check the mileage using the method that seems most convenient to you and invest in a vehicle that is likely to serve you for a long time.

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